"Every home design encapsulates the lifestyle of the occupants. Designing living spaces personalized by individual’s lifestyle, mood and preferences is my approach in interior design. I believe in striking a balance between practicality, quality and aesthetics, with focus on bespoke design – no cookie cutter styles. This is my core principle that I uphold throughout all my projects."


Samuel Teo

Driven by passion, inspired by success. Almost ten years ago, I started out by designing private home theatres. At that time, design was an exploration for me. I was selling great home entertainment products, the ones that really pampers your ears. Since the products are very impressive, they belonged in an equally impressive home theatre room. I began designing concepts for these home theatres, exploring different kind of materials for feature walls, acoustic treatments, carpet flooring, equipment cabinets etc. It was fun. It was challenging. The satisfaction in every design made that came to life grew into curiosity, and I became very interested in designing for the whole house, not just for an entertainment room.

Creative work over routine. I have never had an office job that is 9 to 5, and I might never survive that. Even before designing for home theatres I was working in a media production company as an assistant director. Those days were fun, were tiring and had kinda crazy schedule too! I loved running around to different places to film, meet different people and characters, and watch different stories unfold. This culture of being constantly moving became my life. All these past experiences I had, prepared me to be what I am proud to be today, an interior designer.

Knowledge is key. I am really blessed to learn from many veterans in the industry. Over the years, one important lesson is teamwork. We can never work and function alone. Every member involved are key players. From measurements to production, every step of the way must be calculated and executed correctly. I am really grateful to have wonderful and responsible suppliers and craftsmen that takes pride in what they deliver. I have attended many trade shows and seminars just to expand my resources and knowledge. These allow me to provide valuable advices to my clients, and also enrich the concepts for my designs.

Success is about what I can offer. I believe my role in interior design is to offer my clients a chance to further explore their ideas. Every home owner comes to me with bits of ideas about what they want to have. Sometimes, these bits can be confusing to them, as in what should they really go for, or if these ideas work. My role is to fill in the gaps, provide them with practical examples and design possibilities. At the end of the day, if they appreciate my work, my ideas, and the end results, then I have succeeded in delivering my role. Success is earned, and I am grateful for many support along the way.

An exciting new venture! d’Phenomenal is a design firm I am proud to own with a few close partners. Over the years, this group of us have done many projects together, travelled all around the world, and gone through thick and thin together. All of us have different strengths to offer, and we aim to inspire others with our works. As our tagline goes, inspiring bigger ideas!

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