"Workaholic for life, designer for passion. I don’t play by the rules as I believe that rules are meant to be broken. Every airspace is free, is up to one to explore the 10000000001 impossibilities. Throw in the colours, the material, the texture, let’s create something that is uniquely YOURS."

Senior interior Designer

Priscilla Chia

Namaste, I am Priscilla, ho seh bo? Aku just another homegrown girl next door loh, born and bred in Singapore. Paiseh, I am very proud of my Singaporean DNA. Having lived in this beautiful red-dot city for over twenty years, and seeing up close the experience of public housing in Singapore, who is not struck by the different elements of the Singapore housing experience whereby the “kampong” spirit is so uplifted. This city is also defined by a wide spectrum of food choices ranging from fine dining concepts to cheap but legendary hawker stall meals. You can probably find me at the longest queue in the hawker Centre. I’m born in a family who loves food. At the age of 5, I’ve learnt how to cook rice for my siblings when my mum has to go work. Cooking becomes a necessary part of my life when my neighbors play catching around the blocks. I can be plucking bean sprouts for whole afternoon. I became a Food & Nutrition Teacher in my 20s, in which i learnt how to impart the skills that I have learnt and I started to appreciate the art of culinary when I bring my students for competitions. We play with different flavors and cultivate the practice of presenting food in quirky ways. I came to a realization that cooking involves your 5 senses. Creating different contrast in a dish elevates the appeal of a simple dish. I bring this mindset to build a home. When you bring in different materials, dimensions, colors and retain the theme, a simple house is elevated to a beautiful new home.

Designing a new home to me is like cooking a plate of nasi lemak. The ingredients and the cooking process involved in creating this tasty meal is simple. ‘Nasi Lemak’ is rice cooked in coconut milk, together with pandan leaves for her signature fragrance. Besides, the rice is usually eaten together with anchovies fried till golden brown, crispy cucumber slices, roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg and chili paste known as ‘sambal tumis’. Every ingredient on the dish can be simple but without any of them, it is not a complete plate of nasi lemak. Similarly, every aspect of interior design from color themes to materials and dimensions, with conscientious amalgamation, can be put together to whip up a flavorful taste to your space.

The changing global and domestic landscape in Singapore presents both challenges and opportunities. From what we have learnt from our forefathers, there will be only one way to face them which is to chart our way forward confidently in the Singapore way, building on our distinct strengths and our Singaporean DNA. My belief in design is to build a place where people and ideas congregate, I do not think that I can excel as a designer if I work alone. Understanding what my client need is my forte and working together with my colleagues to bring out different ideas and proposals are what makes design innovative and exciting.

Change is definitely imminent and inescapable. The newest and best technology appears to come at a rapid pace in the current years. Therefore, I always love to stay updated with current tech trends pertaining to smart home technology. I can help homeowners to embrace these wonders of technology, being able to keep all of the technology in their home connected through one interface, easing home management. Don’t underestimate the power of being able to control your home’s functions with just a click!

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