"We know how excited home owner are and overwhelming it can get, in deciding on the best Interior Designers for your dream home. With d'Phenomenal, you can leave these time consuming tasks to our experience passionate designers good hands, who not only know how to create designs, but also be able to provide you with a distinctive style and concept with our personal touch that meets your needs and expectations in lifestyle."


Kelly Chin

Society of Interior Design Singapore (SIDS) Council member (2022-2024)
Co-Chair of Education Committee (2022-2024)
Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Council (SIDAC) – Interior Designer Practitioner – Class 1 (ID1)
LASALLE College of the Arts BA(HONS) Interior Design from Gold Smith


Hi there! I am Kelly Chin, an interior designer who love life, dedicated to providing you with modern and personalized design solutions in a way that tells a story, preserves memories, and makes you feel best at home.

I personalize my every project in accordance to my clients’ needs, and come up with a finish that satisfies them to the maximum, make life as enjoyable as possible for clients who trust me.

My mindset and my work process are what set me apart from my competitors.

I firmly believe in the saying that family plays a significant role in the way you live, work and play. Therefore, a home-centered design, that is unique to a family and bonds them together, is a must. And design is not just about visual beauty. Instead,  the perfect design should combine beauty and one’s life experiences, concepts, and beliefs.

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