"We are more than excited to meet every single homeowners, families and friends. As we take every home as a new challenge for ourselves, to push our ideas to the limits. We always believe that every home has it's own phenomenal uniqueness."


Chia Xue Ling

I am Chia Xue Ling, many of my clients and friends love to call me XL, probably I have a extra large space in my brain full of ideas.

Throughout the years in NYP, I am just an average student with little burning passion in me, hoping that I can pull through the whole 3 years which I did and I am proud. That little burning passion I have till today, makes me love my job even more and that allow me to create something different from others.

I always believe that design makes a great difference in experiential spaces with its uniqueness.

A quote from Rem koolhaas:”There are essentially two possibilities. One is to be, shall we say, an average architect and do the same thing everywhere. The other is to let yourself be inspired and even changed by the unique qualities of the place where you’re building. We always try to take the second approach.”

Rem Koolhaas’s second approach allows me to see opportunity in exploring new possibilities and ideas to compliment function follows form. I hope with my ability I can create a place call home rather than a house.

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