Syeda Juyaira
- Interior Designer -
"Design was something I never expected to come my way and till this day it upholds its character of randomness. This is still an endlessly unexplored realm to me but I am always passionate about learning and creating. And I do hope to continue to break the rules and design for everyone not just spaces, but also an experience."

Most people call me Zuri and I’m someone filled with creativity. I’ve always grown up learning and picking up new things, eventually coming across design, starting a new journey.

Design has been more than aesthetics to me and has always been, and still is, a very big source of inspiration as it bridges elements that are very unlikely to be undivided. This view of it has always allowed me to have a very out-of-the-norm mindset and approach during creative thinking. I believe that when you design, you design for others, for the world and for betterment. Although ‘pleasing to the eye’ is one of its characters, there is so much more left of it without a voice.

I always aim to break out of normal solutions and typical works, one might even say I protest against the norms. Along with tailoring your space, I always aim to create and tailor an experience for you along with sense of comfort, distinction and inspiration. I always aim to deliver convenience, uniqueness, unforeseen and personalised designs, forever giving the best of my efforts.

So really, I am many in one, a learner who is constantly growing in every way that I can. A designer who is always exploring and embracing the journey of design despite the struggles. And a Muslim, who is always practicing and embracing her beliefs and her identity. I’m always working to play my own part in moving the world, and you, and myself, to betterment with my own design and inspiration.

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