At d’Phenomenal, we are a team of innovative, committed and passionate designers that specialises in interior design concepts for residential and commercial projects. We provide a one-stop design and renovation service for our clients so that they can benefit from a hassle free experience and know that the whole process will be well taken care of. We pride ourselves with our utmost commitment to create personalised and innovative design, build quality workmanship and establish good customer relationships with all our clients.


The services we provide are mainly:

– HDB & private residential design & renovation projects –

– retail, F&B, offices and hotel commercial design & renovation projects –

– customised design proposal –

– design & drawings submission for PE endorsements –

– submissions to BCA, SCDF and relevant authorities –

– project management for renovation works –


Kef Tan
I have come a long way since. There were many opportunities around me during the growing economies, but I had chosen to pursue my biggest passion and dream for the longest time, that is, to become an top Interior Designer.
Samuel Teo
Every home design encapsulates the lifestyle of the occupants. Designing living spaces personalized by individual’s lifestyle, mood and preferences is my approach in interior design. I believe in striking a balance between practicality, quality and aesthetics, with focus on bespoke design – no cookie cutter styles. This is my core principle that I uphold throughout all my projects.
Kelly Chin
We know how excited home owner are and overwhelming it can get, in deciding on the best Interior Designers for your dream home. With d'Phenomenal, you can leave these time consuming tasks to our experience passionate designers good hands, who not only know how to create designs, but also be able to provide you with a distinctive style and concept with our personal touch that meets your needs and expectations in lifestyle.
Chia Xue Ling
We are more than excited to meet every single homeowners, families and friends. As we take every home as a new challenge for ourselves, to push our ideas to the limits. We always believe that every home has it's own phenomenal uniqueness.
Priscilla Chia
Workaholic for life, designer for passion. I don’t play by the rules as I believe that rules are meant to be broken. Every airspace is free, is up to one to explore the 10000000001 impossibilities. Throw in the colours, the material, the texture, let’s create something that is uniquely YOURS.
Shirley Stephanie
Design is part of our everyday life. I have always been fascinated by the patterns that occurs in art, architecture and the natural world. I believe that you have to be creative, self motivated and hardworking when it comes to studying different areas of design.
Amanda Law
Passionate about learning for life, I will utilise my full abilities to design a space that speaks for you. Through communication, I believe we can create a space unique to every family and friends.
Syeda Juyaira
Design was something I never expected to come my way and till this day it upholds its character of randomness. This is still an endlessly unexplored realm to me but I am always passionate about learning and creating. And I do hope to continue to break the rules and design for everyone not just spaces, but also an experience.