02 Aug 2019

San Marco by Decora Art


A new idea of decoration

It was an afternoon with Decora Art, the specialist for wall decorative effects, as they gave us an introduction to San Marco.

The element of colour and its texture has assumed vital importance in modern architecture. If the latter – as wrote by Le Corbusier – must be “a fact of art, a phenomenon that arouses emotion”, the colour is a foundational principle in its design. Colours, materials used and surface effects become constituent ingredients that contribute to the originality of a project, playing with the light and space in an innovative way.

For this reason San Marco offers a wide range of creative solutions and effects and decorative finishes with a strong personality and undeniable charm, able to meet the manifold needs of interior decoration and style.

Made in Italy with more than 30 decorative products, 50 textures, 1500 colors available, and almost endless combination possibilities, the products give way to real creations that are able to dress the walls and result in stylistic atmospheres, where the emotional impact of the decoration interacts with space and influences the use of an environment.

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