01 Jul 2019

Lamitak launches new Laminate Visualiser


Lamitak launches new Laminate Visualiser

It was a night of great anticipation for Lamitak and the invited guests, designers, and media partners as they unveil their latest technology, a smart laminate visualiser (or that’s what we call it as no official word on a name to it yet). Almost like artificial intelligence (A.I.), now it is possible to see clearly how your chosen laminates with Lamitak will look like in mock up designs!

Sometimes it can be quite blurry and difficult for some homeowners to visualise how the laminates they have chosen will turn out. Lamitak has came out with a clever solution to help you with that! They have developed a smart visualiser that has a few different house project mock-ups which consists of different scenes such as living room, bedrooms, study, kitchen etc. In each of this scene, say for example a living room, you can select a laminate and place it over the indicated placeholder on the smart screen. The laminate will then be projected onto the cabinet that you wish to see how this laminate will look like in real life. With this, you can play around with different matchings of laminates to have a clearer and better idea of how your selection may turn out.

Well, if you think its hard to visualise what that means, not to worry. The next time when you have a chance to design your cabinets or feature wall, do remember to choose Lamitak and request for a visit to the Lamitak Showroom at CT Hub 2 for a demo of how this smart visualiser works! Meanwhile, well done Lamitak!
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