22 Jul 2019

Gessi showroom tour


Gessi showroom tour

We are always on the hunt for good quality and unique solutions for our design inspirations and recently became rather attracted by Gessi. While attending a recent BCI event, we came across a very special bathroom and kitchen showcase. It was the intricate detailing of their bathroom taps and upon closer inspection, we were impressed with the quality and make of their products. Wanting to know more, we were invited to have a tour of their showroom at Penang Road, in a very well preserved conservation house – a victorian mansion that dates back to precious history of Singapore!

First of all, let’s properly introduce Gessi. Made in Italy, Gessi has been designing and manufacturing exclusive bathroom and kitchen fittings and furnishings for over 20 years. Today, Gessi brand is acknowledged worldwide for its fashionable bathroom designs in all types of living environments, including hotels, spas, yachts and private residences.

With creations ranging from bathroom accessories as faucets, taps, rain shower, shower head to ceramics and even precious bathroom textiles and air fresheners, Gessi has created a new style of living: a “design to be experienced, to be worn and breathed”. In fact Gessi designs involve all of the senses thereby allowing the user to enjoy personal spaces that offer a new sense of well-being, a daily wellness experience in which to celebrate a renewed contact with one’s inner self. Gessi’s “Made in Italy” bathroom products and accessories are manufactured in harmony with the utmost respect for the environment and the user, creating a new awareness and appreciation of bathroom design, and focusing upon the objects’ charm and elegance, as well as their ethical content.

Next comes the big question, why Gessi and where does it fit into the design of your home? To be honest, Gessi is not for everyone, and we are not just talking about the price tag. Gessi is made for the lifestyle enthusiasts… outgoing, creative, dynamic, and innovative individuals, who like to think outside the box inventing the future. Not limiting itself to the invention of new stylistic solutions for luxury bathroom suites and well-being, Gessi stresses on respecting the environment, with new technologies, new production processes and new materials.

So the next time when you need a bathroom tap that spells extraordinary, you know Gessi is what you would be looking for.

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